On Saturday we traveled through Belgium to Scotland. After a day of driving, arguments with Ryanair staff about bringing instruments on the plane, and a beautiful ferry ride we made it to the island of Arran. When I say we, I actually mean only 11 of us, because our violinist Burcu didn’t make it yet because of visa problems and her passport being stuck in the system… 1000 phone calls later, it seems finally her passport will arrive today and we hope she can join us soon!

On Arran, we played a concert for the local Music Society in the auditorium of the High School and the next day in the Pierhead Tavern, a very nice pub by the water side. We had a great turn out, and some very fun concerts! We stayed with lovely families that offered to put us up, but did a lot more than that. We were almost embarrassed by how well we were being taken care of, we’ve been very well fed, shown around the island and entertained. Thank you Jan, and all the lovely people we met on Arran!


Last night, we arrived in Stirling and played a concert at Willy Wallace Hostel where we’re also staying. It was a nice intimate concert, with some people from the hostel in the audience and some people from the neighbourhood. Louise, the owner of the hostel, served drinks and had invited her friends to come listen to us. We were invited by Mandy to come by her whiskey bar after, which is just down the street. She introduced us to some nice local whiskeys and invited us to play a concert in the room at the back of her pub next time, we hope to be back!




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