The theme of our tour through the province of Friesland in the Netherlands is “A Frisian Odyssey”. A true traveler is defined by their openness for the unexpected. In this way, Nescio will try during their wanderings over the water of Friesland to be open to the diverse and unexpected adventures on the horizon. We are actively looking for the unknown.


On our travels, we will live on a ship and visit different Frysian harbours from the water. Besides encounters with our audiences, our hosts and the different partners we work together with, we are teaming up with Frisian poets. A poet will bring his or her stories to one of the harbours we sail into during our tour. Whether he or she appears there, or leaves a poem for us with the harbour master will become clear when we get there and force us to improvise.


We would like to get to know the Frisian communities, the poet, the surroundings and our audience a bit better and be inspired by them. If we then, from our side, can let our music sound over the Frisian waters, in surprise and wonder, the interaction will be complete and our Odyssey a success!


5/9 West Terschelling
several locations during the day from 12.00
16.00 Grand Café Zeezicht
19.00 De Stilen (private)
with Syds Wiersma

6/9 Harlingen
16.00 and 20.00
Willem Barentszwerf, Willemskade
with Syds Wiersma

7/9 Hindeloopen
Museum Hindeloopen, square in front of the museum
with Tsead Bruinja

 7/9 Gaast
Town green de Boppeslach (reasonable weather) or Hervormde Kerk (wet or cold weather)
with Tsead Bruinja

8/9 Koudum
Verzorgingshuis De Finke
with poetry by Arjan Hut

8/9 Stavoren
with poetry by Arjan Hut

9/9 Lemmer
Hervormde Kerk
with Job Degenaar

This tour is made possible with the support of RCOAK, Gemeente Harlingen, our concert partners and all our sponsors.

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