August 11th, Nescio will perform to concerts as part of the Grachtenfestival in Amsterdam. The theme of this year’s festival ‘Dichter bij de muziek’, which means both ‘Poet with the music’ and ‘Closer to the music’. With our summer project, we embody both and we were invited to play two concerts in areas of Amsterdam that are a bit further from the centre and the famous canals the festival is named after.

The programme will include two pieces from Toldrá’s Vistes al Mar, based on poems by the Catalan Poet Joan Maragall. We will also play Orph, which was composed especially by Nescio’s own Tseroeja van den Bos, with texts by Corinne Heyrman. Next to this, we will play other beautiful music from our repertoire, and Corinne will recite own work. Her texts are giving shape to the concert, and music and words are supporting each other.


Entrance is free, and the concerts are suitable for all ages.


Where and when:

12.00 Harmoniehof, Amsterdam Zuid

16.00 Middeliestraat, Amsterdam Noord

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