The Nescio Ensemble is a young, versatile and passionate string orchestra consisting of friends brought together by their love of music. Over the past five years, they have visited many beautiful places in Europe to play music. Their enthusiasm is contagious and their personal approach has brought them close to their audiences everywhere.img-20160610-wa0000

The ensemble consists of professional musicians of a very high level. All concerts and tours are self-organized and not for profit. Playing in the ensemble provides the musicians with an opportunity to play repertoire that they love, together with their friends. This creates an invaluable energy, which is conveyed in their performances.

In their concerts, the ensemble plays a collection of the most beautiful chamber music repertoire prepared and chosen by the musicians themselves. In some pieces, the string orchestra will play together, lead by their concert master, while in others the musicians will play in smaller groups, performing everything from quartets to octets. Their large repertoire makes it possible to choose pieces especially suited to each individual concert.

Nescio is applying for recognition as an official cultural non-for-profit organisation in the Netherlands, known as ANBI. For more information about the organisation, ANBI gegevens website Nescio (in Dutch).