Floortje Beljon
Floortje studied Violin at Codarts, Rotterdam, with Thijs Kramers and Misha Furman. She also studied Cultural Sciences and Philosophy and the UvA (University of Amsterdam). She then moved to Leipzig (Germany) and did her master’s in Violin with Pauline Reguig and Henrik Hochschild.
She played in multiple student orchestras (Ricciotti ensemble and more) and theatre shows. She is a session musician, plays in Sinfonia Leipzig and is a violin teacher. She is especially fond of Nescio, because we play very beautiful music as well as have the freedom to shape every project in a way that we find interesting, alluring and important.

Panagiotis Charalampidis
Panos was born in Greece, where he finished his studies in the State Conservatory with teacher Irina Dragneva.
During his higher education in Brussels (Koninklijk Conservatorium Brussels), under the surveillance of Prof. Katalin Sebestyen, he took part in numerous international competitions, from which he came out as finalist or laureate. He performed as a soloist in many countries across Europe. He got coached by musicians such as Marco Ricci, Olivier Charlier, Ervin Shiffer and Philippe Graffin.
Apart from his duties as a soloist he has a very active life as a chamber musician. He is a founding member of the Nostos String Quartet and got guidance from tutors and quartets such as Danel Quartet, Eberhard Feltz, Stefan Metz and Luc Marie Aguierra.
Currently he is living in Amsterdam and is a member of the Nescio Ensemble, the Sebestyen strings chamber orchestra, Het Promenade Orchest and the String Soloists, with whom he recorded two CDs with works of Haydn and Roland Dyens.

Olivia Doflein
With a lot of joy, Olivia plays on her violin from Turin, that she can use thanks to the Nationaal Muziekinstrumenten Fonds.
She loves fantastical stories, which she expresses in sound or word or movement.
She studied with Chris Duindam, after which she moved to London to study at the Royal College of Music with Natalia Lomeiko.
She has won numerous prizes with her extraordinary playing. She is a member of the Belinfante Quartet.

Ian de Jong
Ian’s musical education is international and diverse. As an 8-year-old, he started violin lessons at the music school in Amstelveen as one of Wiesje Miedema’s first pupils. In 1999, his family moved to Chicago, where he was taught by Michael Hining, Guillaume Combet and Robert Waters.
Always on the lookout for expansion of his musical possibilities, Ian also received lessons in jazz with Steve Gibons from Chicago’s Gypsy Rhythm Project.
In 2010, Ian received his Bachelor’s degree Magna Cum Laude from the DePaul University Conservatory.
After his studies, Ian pursued his career in the Netherlands. Living in Amsterdam since 2010, Ian received another Bachelor of Music at the Conservatory of Amsterdam in 2012 and a Master of Music at Codarts Rotterdam with Gordan Nikolic (violin) and Gijs Kramers (viola) in 2016.

Çisem Özkurt
Çisem started her violin career in Ankara, Turkey, at the Hacettepe University Ankara State Conservatory. After that, she studied in Wroclaw (Poland) with an Erasmus scholarship at the Karol Lipinski Academy of Music and she received her Master’s degree at Codarts Rotterdam with Gordan Nikolic and Goran Gribajcevic.
Çisem has played as a soloist with different orchestras throughout Europe and in many orchestras she was concert master. Besides playing classical music, she plays in crossover projects. She is part of the Re-Freshed Orchestra and plays in a world tour with Karsu.

Fiona Robertson
Fiona is based in the Netherlands, where she performs with a variety of ensembles. She studied with Ilya Grubert and Maria Milstein at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam and with Jan Repko at the Royal College of Music, London. She has performed at venues and festivals throughout the UK and the Netherlands, including the Wigmore Hall, St.-Martin-in-the-Fields, the Royal Albert Hall and Muziekgebouw aan ’t IJ.
Fiona has appeared as soloist with the Glasgow Chamber Orchestra, the Scottish Festival Orchestra and Chetham’s Symphony Orchestra. She is a member of the Camus Trio and the Belinfante Quartet and performs with pianist Jaap Kooi.
Fiona has a special interest in contemporary music. In 2014 she recorded a set of solo violin pieces called ‘SPOTS’ by the Italian composer Simone Fontanelli and in 2015, she was the winner of the inaugural Contemporary Music Competition at the Royal College of Music.

Ana Termeulen
Ana likes to play as much as possible: in orchestras, quartets, trios and solo recitals. She finished her Bachelor’s in Den Haag with Ilona Sie Dhian Ho. Now she is doing her Master’s in Norway with Terje Moe Hansen, who created his own method for “violin virtuosity”.
Playing together is her favourite thing. Playing with Nescio is to her: making beautiful music with nice people, visiting special locations and bringing our music to as many people as possible.

Tseroeja van den Bos
Tseroeja makes all kinds of music, ranging from experimental to pop to jazzy fusion to classical in unconventional settings. During her high school days, she was in a talent program set up by Jaap van Zweden at the Conservatory of Enschede. She studied Music Production and Performance at the HKU and received her Bachelor’s degree with honours. She also followed courses in the fields of Musicology (at the UvA) and Philosophy (at the VU). She is a session musician and performs with bands and singer-songwriters. Apart from playing viola and violin, she composes and experiments with multiple forms of creation.

Marnix Verberne
Marnix started with violin lessons in Leusden. He has always a great passion for chamber music, but there was something missing in playing violin and he decided to study Art History. During his Bachelor’s degree, he discovered the viola and in that instrument he found everything that had been lacking in the normal violin. Now he is finishing his Viola Master at the Codarts Rotterdam with Julia Dinerstein.
Marnix has always played in many orchestras. Also, he has a lifelong connection with the Angletten Ensemble. He plays with pianist Yaroslav Kolpakov (Duo Da Vai!) and with many others.

Sophie Vroegop
Sophie discovered her love for chamber music and playing together at a young age. At age 5, she started violin lessons. After high school, she studied History and Archaeology in Scotland, and thanks to a scholarship she always kept violin and viola lessons and never had to give up her love. More so, that love only grew bigger: now she is finishing her Viola Master’s at the Conservatory of Den Haag with Mikhail Zemtsov.
She plays in the Belinfante Quartet, plays viola duos with Marnix and is founding member of the Nescio Ensemble. With the Nescio she wants to share her love for music with as many people as possible and pull the classical concert out of its fixed form.

Pau Marques i Oleo
Pau is driven by his passion for chamber music and contemporary music.
In 2018, he received his Master’s degree at the HKU (Utrecht), where he studied with Timora Rosler with a Pedro i Pons scholarship. Prior to that, he studied with Amparo Lacruz at the Liceu Conservatory in Barcelona.
He is member of the Camus Trio and the Belinfante Quartet, the Chamber Orchestra of Menorca (OCIM) and the Kunsthalle for Music.
He enjoys working with artists from other disciplines.
Being a member of the Nescio Ensemble is a way for Pau to be flexible as well as precise as a musician. Within the ensemble he thinks of new artistic concepts and inspiring rehearsal methods to get the musical level as high as possible.

Jan van der Plas
Jan studies with Gideon den Herder at the Conservatory of Amsterdam. Here he also received lessons from Dmitri Ferschtman and Monique Bartels.
By playing with the Ricciotti ensemble (2016-2019), Jan discovered how music can touch all kinds of people and how it is relevant to everybody. With the Ricciotti he performed outside of the regular concert halls, which gave him the experience to see audience and performer as equals.
He hopes to use this experience with the concerts of the Nescio Ensemble as well.

Eva van Schaik
Even when Eva hadn’t been born yet, she was already behind a cello: her mother is a cellist as well. She was Eva’s cello teacher for 16 years. After that, Eva moved to Den Haag to study with Lucia Swarts. Now she is finishing her Master studies in Rotterdam with Jeroen den Herder.
Apart from performing as much as possible, she teaches: to pupils from age 3 till 83.
Nowhere else does Eva experience as many moments of happiness as during playing music with the Nescio Ensemble.

Double Bass
Kasper Stern
Kasper started with cello lessons, but 9 years later, he knew that the double bass equals his personality. He made the transition with the help of Julien Beijer. Kasper played in many youth and student orchestras.
Apart from being a bassist, Kasper is a socially engaged miracle. He has a Master’s degree in Sociology, which he received from the University of Amsterdam. He is specialized in migration studies. Kasper’s expertise helps the Nescio Ensemble to research the social themes that are central in each project. The combination of social issues and classical music is what he likes to dive into and is why he is a founding member of the Nescio Ensemble.